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About Us

The Afghan Volunteer Women‘s Association (AFV) is a humanitarian aid organization
that has been working towards peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan since 1992.
Our projects that are mainly in the rural areas, focus on supporting women and children.
Our strategy is help for self-help.

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Our Ambassador Herbert Grönemeyer

Foto: Ali Kepenek

Herbert Grönemeyer has been the ambassador of the Afghan Volunteer Women‘s Association since 2017, following the deceased author Roger Willemsen.

„It is an honour for me to support the Afghan Volunteer Women‘s Association as an ambassador. My support is motivated by my deep connection with Afghanistan as well as for my dear friend Roger Willemsen who supported and helped shape the association.”

His appeal to everyone: „The work of the Afghan Volunteer Women’s Association deserves our deepest respect and support. That’s what I stand for. Join us. Together we can change a lot for the better in Afghanistan!“

„We are overwhelmed and deeply grateful to have Herbert Grönemeyer as the new ambassador for our association“, says Nadia Nashir, the chairwoman of the Afghan Volunteer Women’s Association which celebrated its 25th anniversary in September 2017.

Our Patron Roger Willemsen Ɨ


Our Organisation

In 1992, the AFV was founded by Afghans who resided in Germany to help people from their home country. The Association incorporates 127 members, 1.000 regular supporters and 25.000 donors all over Europe.

This is our board:

  • Homa Abass (chairwoman)
  • Rona Yussof-Mansury (deputy chairwoman) and recipient of the Johanna-Löwenherz-Award
  • Amena Razaqi (treasurer)
  • Sarghuna Sultanie (secretary to the board)
  • Simin Heiderfazel (board member)
Statute of the Afghan Women’s Association (download):

Download our statute (english version)

Our Projects


Training programs:

Water Supply:

Medical Care:


Emergency Relief:

Annual Reports

Recent Report:

Other Reports:








How you can help

Become a long-term Benefactor

Your regular support means giving a future. Even small amounts can make a difference for women  and children in Afghanistan:

  • 10 EUR to cover the school tuition for a girl
  • 30 EUR per months for a sewing apprenticeship
  • 50 – 100 EUR per month to support a family in need
  • 80 EUR to cover the salary of a teacher
  • 1.500 EUR for a well that‘ll have your personal inscription and provides drinking water for up to 200 people

We appreciate any contribution.

Download the form to become a member HERE or donate online and mention the purpose of your contribution.


We focus on helping women and children. But we can‘t do it alone which is why we need your support.

You can terminate a longterm contribution at any time.

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